Ladies, if you have been stocking up your makeup kit with lipstick, eye-linear, etc. then don’t splurge much. Because most men find their women attractive when she is decked up in jewellery. It is not that you need to put all your jewelleries to woo your man. Man, they like subtle things. Just a pair...
Wore that little red dress, but don’t you think you are missing something even with all the make-up. Just wearing an outfit does not complete you. What you need is to accessorise. A purse, a bracelet, or a watch and high-heeled shoes and you are ready to make the heads turn, either with jealousy or...
Of all the places in the world, home is where you always feel safe. Home is where you also forget that possible hazards are lurking just outside your house. However, if you have been a victim of burglary, then securing your home becomes of utmost importance. From preventing break-ins to calling emergency responders, one should...
Who does not love gifts? However, it should not be a chore and must come from the heart. When you gift from the heart, a lot of thoughts go into it when you are trying to buy something unique. Making someone feel special, is what your gift should be about. The one who receives should...
“Fashion is what you buy, while style is what you do with it”. Let your style speak with conviction and change it whenever you want. Fashion is more than just mere clothing. It is more of how you feel or how you make others sum up about you. It is a life that is interesting...
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