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“Fashion is what you buy, while style is what you do with it”. Let your style speak with conviction and change it whenever you want. Fashion is more than just mere clothing. It is more of how you feel or how you make others sum up about you. It is a life that is interesting as well as complicated, creative to the core, and stronger to the bone. You cling or own a fashion to boost up your confidence. We wear it to escape the mundane and celebrate and embrace rituals and tradition. It is just not a garment just to cover your body. It is the pride of owning and flaunting.

And when we talk fashion, it has to be a woman. Well, not exactly, fashion can also mean impeccably dressed man. They love fashion more than a woman does. Hence, in most men’s wardrobes, you will find age-old clothing which they love so dearly to cling on to.

She goes for the hunt, he goes for a purpose

When it comes to shopping, women explore more in terms of fashion, style, as well as the monetary part. They might come for looking for something, ending up buying something else. While most men shopping is usually quicker, they always end up buying what they wanted at a comparatively cheaper price and are loyal to brands.

The common belief is that when it comes to wearing something men can dress in dark and put in a short and tee. Well, that is an entirely wrong perception. As women, they can be one fussy wearer. Men can be fastidious about the length of their shirt sleeve, creased in their pants, type of shoes or socks, wearing the perfect tie to the occasion, etc, to name just a few.

Men do seriously follow the dictum, ‘the first impression is the last impression” and hence all the trouble.

Creating lasting impression or dressing to make oneself good

Dress not to impress anyone. Put on an attire because clothing is a necessity and it should reveal your mood. A simple shirt, jeans, and a shoe are more than enough to go for gym, or shopping or an interview or even attending events. Bring in the classic dressing ways and just add personal influences to it. Remember, just like you have different personalities, your style too should reflect that. No matter how wonderful is the fabric or its stitches, men’s clothes are designed to create the image of the body. Traditionally, men’s fabric reveals his strength and masculinity- an elongated stomach, powerful and broad shoulders [ even if one’s is not broad, the clothes do make him look so], and a trim waist.

Eureka, you found it!

Have been looking for the attire and suddenly you have it. Collecting fashionable pieces that you always wanted to have. It is like synching your internal psyche to the external fashion and voila you didn’t look any better. And with a click, you can just own that fashion. When it comes down to clothing, a man witnesses himself in all demeanors.

Wardrobe for every new fashion style

You just want to follow fashion and love being stylish. Sure there can be plenty of variation found in one style. But for that, you don’t need to purchase a whole new wardrobe for every season. Subtlety is not adding to your pile of clothes in the name of fashion. Make thoughtful purchases that continue throughout the years with a properly curated wardrobe.

History inspired fashion

Usually believed that the man has been turning fashionable for the last few years. The answer is no. Social media is responsible for bringing into the limelight men’s fashion. For, men have always been fashionable, just like his women. He is ruled by tradition and history. The stylists, designers have always leafed around the pages of history to bring back the styles with their twist and taste.

Tips to look fashionable

You don’t need to spend millions to look good. You can dapper in style in what you already have. Since men are known to look into the details before indulging in, tips for getting your fashion right all the time:

  • While buying, first and foremost find your exact fit. Different brands have different sittings. With easy returns offered by many sites, return if it does not fits you. With innumerable sizes, you will get the right fit next time.
  • A certain amount of grooming is required that goes well with your attire.
  • Time has changed and so does fashion. You might look good in black and white but then you will look good in all colors. Especially with 100%, silk men’s ties are available in 10 colors. With colours and your right attitude, nothing can go wrong.

  • Mix and match styles. With new mesh men casual shoes, and casual jeans and tees will give a cool look to your persona.
  • Change your dressing style with the seasons. A casual sweater for that dreary winter, and a sun hat UV protection flap hat for the warm season. There are items that you can wear all the wear round, especially long sleeve striped/will shirts but heavier or lighter fabrics should be packed away according to the season.

The must-haves of your wardrobe

  • There is a sneaking suspicion that Sneakers do make you look good and amazingly fashionable. Fashion choices change every year. But the obsession with sneakers that started with the athletes remains the staple of every men’s wardrobe. So when you are feeling cold and put on warm winter shoe sneakers you just not only protected yourself from the winter but also looked oh so stylish (and desirable).
  • As the purse is to women, so the wallet is to men. Another important must-have for the men. With so much to choose from genuine cowhide leather men’s wallets to slim wallets to handmade vintage crazy horse genuine leather wallets. Pay for your meal or shopping in style.
  • Another add-on to your wardrobe has to be the ties. With so much variety available on the shopping site in different colors, this does make you look fashionable and classy. Whether going for office, or an interview, or a formal function, there is a whole lot to make your choices for.

Tailoring to retailing

Fashionable clothing for men is one lucrative business after women. The move from tailoring to retailing and now to online shopping. It has been a boon for the busy executives and many men who do not like visiting the tailor shop to get the right one. They want to be in the latest fashion, with good fitting, without spending much time and the time between the order and delivery should be shortest as possible, along with competitive pricing.

The lockdown effect on men’s clothing

Somehow the pandemic has changed the way how a man dresses these days. As soon as the work from home is ending, used to more comfortable clothes, men nowadays are ditching suits for casual clothes.

The online flavour on the fashion

The evolution of technology has somehow changed fashion. It does not need an era to change. Fashion changes almost every day. All thanks to social media. There are not only designers or stylists but bloggers too who comment, showcase, and writes about fashion. So fashion does not remain only in the hands of the first set of people. It has not changed, it has grown bigger and subtler. Most men have become more comfortable with tasteful styling and being subtle. For example, he has a wide range of shoes to define his various activities such as running shoes, sandals beach shoes, luxury driving shoes, safety boots, and many more. Besides footwear, being fashionable also means getting the perfect belts to look stylish, wallets to impress more with your style.

With the spurge on online shopping, fashion-conscious people have access to more brands just a click away by sitting at the comfort of their home.

Prerequisites of fashion

Nothing. There can be no hard and fast rule for being fashionable. Though Google defines fashion as being in trend.  When we talk fashion, it does not have to start or end with particular things. It can be the wide array of essentials that you might need and carry off in a style.

The past year has changed everyone. Our lives have become more controlled in terms of work, of going out, whom we meet or do parties, it does have changed in a big way. Hence, as stated earlier, the way everyone dresses now has changed immensely. Having more time at home has made us evaluate what should be the must-haves in the wardrobe. What we really need and what should go. We are guilty of cluttering the wardrobe, in the name of fashion. Time has come to make fashion a sensible thing:

  • Go for versatile clothing that can be worn for every occasion instead of just one occasion
  • Don’t follow fashion blindly. Wear that you are comfortable in or one that suits you.
  • Donate to charity your old clothing, when you are indulging in a new one. Declutter your wardrobe sensibly
  • Keeping on exploring new brands instead of sticking up with one
  • Be a show stopper, indulge in good and sensible decisions.

Your wardrobe tells a lot about you and your clothes ‘maketh’ you!

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