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Who does not love gifts? However, it should not be a chore and must come from the heart. When you gift from the heart, a lot of thoughts go into it when you are trying to buy something unique. Making someone feel special, is what your gift should be about. The one who receives should know that a lot of feeling has gone into giving away the gift.

Self-gratification while gifting

While it does feel good when you receive a gift. But the self-gratification that you feel while selecting a gift and then giving it away, and then you see the person feeling happy, cannot be measured in money. The happiness that you get while watching the reaction of the person opening your gift is far more than you open yours. A more self-fulfilling experience it is, that remains with you for a long time. The gift is a universal way to show love, interest, gratitude, and of course, strengthen bonds.

What does gifting establish?

The reason you give gifts is that you love that person. By gifting you aim to establish a strong relationship and good bond with the other person. By relationship it is not meant to establish the only romantic relationship, it could gifting to cement friendship, thanking your mentor, appreciating for their help in need, sending good wishes to someone on their special day.

The art of gifting was imbibed in us when we were young. Scoring good marks in exams was a gift to the parents. Bringing special food in tiffin was considered a gift. Thus, gifts are surprisingly complex and at the same time an essential part of human interaction. It helps to define a relationship as well as strengthen bonds with our loved ones.

Sending a part of you

Showing your gratification to a friend who is moving away for higher studies, or a colleague who is getting transferred or retiring, or a family member moving out to a different place. Gifting them something that will help your relationship grow and making them feel that they have been an important part of your life. Giving away gifts such as champagne glasses or 100% natural whiskey stones will make them think about you even when you are out of touch.

To be remembered

Providing a memento on occasion such as the party at the office, or team-building exercises or even during a special occasion, so that they can take home. Reward your guest speaker or maybe a prize winner. They will remember the event when they showcase these gifts at home. A thoughtful gift can create a fabulous impression on the one who receives it. A gift such as Monte Mount Ballpoint Pen

can be carried along and can be used.

Be thankful

Someone went out of their way to be at your side. Someone did a favor to you by just helping you out from difficult situations. Gift them a 53oz stainless steel big hip flask or wooden smoking pipe. Gifts such as these show how observant have you been and just like them you too will take care of them when the need arises. Words are superfluous, so don’t waste time on them. The person receiving such types of gifts will understand your gratitude for showing happiness and well-being.

Express your love

Chocolates and flowers have been an expression of love for quite a long time. But giving them something else such as 1 pair love you big mouth frog key ring or a gold color heart simple thread string bracelet to express your love does remains with the person. It will help in strengthening your relationship. Even if you can’t express in words, show the other person how much you care. Do not wait for special occasions. Remember whenever you bring in your token of love for them, it does create a special occasion.

Appreciating someone special

Speech or words might not create the desired effect but giving a gift can. After all, action speaks louder than words. It does not have to be expensive. Appreciate by giving gifts. Make your someone special feel lucky as well as happy. How about giving a creative have a nice day coffee mug to your parents, brother, sister, friends, or anyone who has gone out of their way to help you, to be beside you.

Gifting on the professional level

Employees who feel valued at the office can make it a valued place to spend time and delivering productive work. Celebrating milestones, gifting new hires, gifts during promotions, remembering anniversaries can create a feeling of belongingness and a place that values them. Gifts can increase job satisfaction and as a result, boost productivity. Awards such as creative casual business card cases or automatic self-stirring mugs can boost employees in a way that yearly reviews or verbal praise can’t.

Celebrating anniversaries or birthdays

Buy presents for people celebrating their marriage anniversaries, or completing a year of business venture, or someone who has started their new venture. Thus showing that you remember their special day. Buy presents for your birthday. Wish them and give them special attention. Show them they are lucky and they are remembered on their special day.

Let’s be in touch

Just because you fell out of love should not be a reason for a nasty breakup with a heated exchange. Once you had shared good times and were in love. Do not ruin it. Send presents and thank them for being in your life. Your gift can show the person how a better person you are. Respect that person and your feeling by a small token, such as a faux leather-wrapped stainless steel hip flask.

Do apologize if you are wrong

Sometimes words are not enough to do away the wrong. The person is not ready to forgive you with a simple apology. Apologize with a 1 oz mini pocket flask and watch the person breaking their resolve.

Time to encourage people to do good

‘One good turn deserves another. Give presents and encourage to do good to others. Encourage others to help one another, those who need it most. Show your kindness by giving presents to needy people. It is great for building bonds and creating a better society. Strangers when receiving such generosity and empathy from others it makes them feel loved, and happy and trusted. Do a random act of kindness and spread joy everywhere.

Be thoughtful, give gifts according to their needs

Gift your grandpa a smoke pipe and watch him exhale in style. Giving a creative cat milk coffee mug to your siblings or friends when they complained of breaking their favourite coffee mug. When you bring presents such as these, it makes you loved and appreciated amongst your family and peers. Someone who watches over their everyday activities. It stimulates the feeling of joy and happiness while solidifying your relationship.

Influencing a change

Bring a change in someone’s behaviour. Whenever you see a positive change in someone either at home or at the office, gift them something that makes them realize what they were doing was wrong. Through your present, they will understand they need to be more understanding and acceptable in society.

Creating a positive influence in the society

Support a brand, a cause, or a company or Government initiative by buying from them and then gifting it away to support their campaign. Creating consciousness among your family and group is a sign of a responsible citizen. It is the best gift that you can give to the environment or to that particular cause.

Made mistake… Feeling guilty

Oh, common we all are human and we do make mistakes. Realizing it and accepting your guilt is your true virtue. But remember actions speak louder than words. Then click on the website and scroll through various products on display. Get the gift, offer it and apologize. In this way, you are trying to tell that you went out of the way to cement this relationship and giving every effort to make the relationship work

Giving surprise for no particular reason

Giving a surprise to someone and squeal in glee is something you should not miss. Give someone a present for no reason. Watch their varied expression from confused to happiness. And what do you get in return- being satisfied and feeling happy.

Presents for the new abode

People shed their sweat and blood to call a place their own. Wish them good luck by gifting them champagne glasses or 2 pcs ultra-clear crystal whiskey glass. It is also proper to bring a present during your first visit to the house.

When you give gifts, you are sharing a part of yourself. No matter whatever may be the reason, remember the best presents are those that come from the heart, that show that you care. Sometimes buying an expensive gift might not reflect your feelings while even a thoughtful gift can give away lots of emotions. Giving gifts flows in our blood. We are hardwired to feel happiness and a glow comes to our face when we give gifts. Do not wait for any celebration or events, come up with any excuse to shower them with your love. Build relationships, spread love.

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