Oral Irrigator, The Best Teeth Cleaner



We were searching for great products to aid oral hygiene. Crestastores UK gave us one of their most popular and best seller products: The Oral Irrigator for testing.

This product has been selling all over the world in more than 33000 pieces since it appeared on the market. Let’s see why it is such a good option.

This oral irrigator water jet delivers water pressure from 40-90psi with 1400 pulses per minute. Deeply cleaning every corner precisely that traditional floss can hardly reach. It gently removes stains and residue between tooth gaps or gingival sulcus. This brings you fresh breath by washing out most of the bacteria, food residue and dead cells from your tongue. Regular use can resolve the problems related with your gums like gingivitis, teeth stains and plaque and finally stomatitis where bacterial causes a foul breath odour. This irrigator is very easy to use and has easy 3 working modes. Normal – suitable for daily use and experienced users. Soft program – can be used by first time users or by users with sensitive teeth or with oral braces, known as being particularly difficult to clean in-between teeth using traditional methods. Pulse program is the heaven massage for your gums, this program delivers pulsing jets to help your gums to become stronger, to not retract on teeth. The massage increases vascularisation and health of the gums . The Irrigator has a very good battery of 1400mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery incorporated, and uses universal voltage (100 to 240V) which is compatible with both US and the rest of the world. When fully charged, can work up to 2 weeks, perfect when going on holiday. The waterproof seat charger is a pin protected design, eliminating the risk of electric shock in case of misuse. There is also an auto shut off if running for more than 2 minutes to prevent energy waste and extend the battery life. Battery is charged by USB port and this feature makes it easy to charge from any source increasing his portability. When travelling you can use the power charger included, but you can also recharge from a power bank, laptop, phone or even from your car or boat if have USB charger port. Product comes up with interchangeable tips, one for your teeth and gums especially designed to remove all the foreign bodies and bacteria from your teeth and gum and a tongue scraper which will deep clean your tongue by removing all the stains, bacteria and dead cells. This is perfect in the morning when trying to clean your tongue after a heavy night with plenty of good red wine. Cabernet wine is delicious but most of the time very hard to remove the stains from teeth and especially from tongue. The teeth cleaner comes with a high volume water tank of 300 ml more than enough for cleaning your mouth. The tank is easy detachable for refilling and most importantly does not leak whilst in use. The designers of the product classify IPX7 as fully waterproof. The full package contains one oral irrigator handle with water tank, 3 classic nozzles, enough to use for long period of time, one tongue scraper and the USB charger cable. User manual is in English, very descriptive and easy to read and understand. If you are one of the many regular users please share with us your experience with this product in the comment section or on our forum section.

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