When The Jewellery You Wear Speaks A Lot About Yourself


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Ladies, if you have been stocking up your makeup kit with lipstick, eye-linear, etc. then don’t splurge much. Because most men find their women attractive when she is decked up in jewellery. It is not that you need to put all your jewelleries to woo your man. Man, they like subtle things. Just a pair of earrings, a simple necklace, and a beautiful bracelet, and you are all set to woo your man. Many might not agree with this fact, but if you have noticed the men around you, there is a distinct twinkle in their eyes, when they find their women with jewellery. For women, for centuries and ages, they have loved their jewelleries, and have always felt good in their skin.

good pair of danglers

Some women even feel that walking out of the house without jewelleries, is a fashion faux pas of sorts. Putting on jewellery, even to minimum wear, brings out the best features in the woman, adorning their collar bones to their jawlines, or just a good pair of danglers on their ears. Although, a feminist might argue that a woman wears jewelleries only for themselves. But then, the woman you do seek a man’s attention when you dress up well.

Even the past was adorned with jewellery

Throughout history, it came to be known that jewelleries were worn to highlight the natural weavers. The early civilization during the age of caves and forests have been decorating themselves. Their jewellery was made of teeth of predators, bones of animals, shells from the ocean, as well as feathers of birds. Gradually these led to gold and silver. However, they were worn by the Royal families, while the common men’s wives had to be satisfied with less expensive stones or materials. Jewellery was worn as a display of one’s wealth and richness, and power.

The fascination of the women towards jewellery

  • Esteem, love, and confidence- When women wear jewellery, however, limited it might be, their confidence rises to a notch up. It not only makes you look amazing but gives a positive attitude
  • A sense of belongingness- When you own jewellery, you own your future.
  • To be worn for a special occasion- Jewellery can be worn according to your mood or for any occasion.
  • It can be used for investments and will hold its value indefinitely.
  • When worn right, Jewellery does bring out the best features and the personality of women.

With time and passage, women’s tastes are changing. So you will find various kinds of accessories right from necklaces, studs, or watches, necklaces, or rings. Not only this, the type of jewellery that a woman wears also changes. An elegance of expensive jewellery will make the woman a little classy, act, and talk elegantly. While a piece of funky jewellery makes you feel full of energy and relaxed. Jewelleries are worn following occasions and events.

A jewellery does attract a man

Well, many will argue, that man hardly notices such things as jewellery. If you ask your man if he remembers you wearing a piece of jewellery, last night. Rest assured the wheels in your man’s mind must be churning, thinking hard about what you wore. Only a few handfuls of men, with a ‘trained eye’, will notice the entire attire of their women. However, some men are just naturally wired to notice minute things in their women. But chances of that are quite a few. Men notice jewelry on women due to strategic misdirection. Wearing a necklace with a deep neckline, might attract attention or maybe putting a ring on the navel. Even a nose ring or a pin can make your man attracted to you. Well, this has been the fashion for the last few years. And mind it when you adorn your body parts like that, it is sure to get attention from your man.

Adornment for yourself

Regardless of men’s ability to notice jewellery, women dress and accessorize their jeweller to look attractive, look good, boosting their self-esteem, and feel confident. Wearing a gorgeous pearl beads choker necklace shows off your status and heightens your appearance. Some other reasons why you should indulge in jewellery shopping are:

  • Women love to look good. It has more to do to make other women jealous rather than attracting men. Just put on vintage drop earrings and watch other women glancing at you.
  • Some events and places demand that the women attending those should be dressed, adorned with exquisite jewelleries. This not only heightened their status but also makes them look classy. How about putting on Gold Pendant Necklace along with earrings jewellery Gold-colour Paved with AAA Cubic Zircon and making the other women in the room a little more envious.

The must-haves in your box

Whether your man notices you or not, or you make the other women jealous, is something that only time will tell. Consequently, some must-haves should be there in your jewellery box. So here goes your must-haves:

  • The timeless diamond stud- These go well with any outfit and for any occasion. One of the must-have accessory
  • The must-have necklace- Get those necklaces that can accentuate your every look, adding glamour to your look, while remaining elegant. Necklaces such as fine jewellery Cubic Zirconia Rose Flower Classic 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace.
  • Hoop earrings- Want to leave behind a style statement, someone whose style everyone looks forward to and wants to follow. Then your jewellery box should have these timeless hoops for making a big stylish statement. Enhance your facial features, with the right hoops
  • Bracelets- Even if you are not too keen on putting bracelet. Let us tell you, it will just glamorous your entire look. With a Black Beaded Charm Cuff Bracelet or Unique Natural Map Stone Beaded Bracelet, a great go-to-go accessory for enhancing your outfit. From geometric bracelets to vintage ones, to bangle bracelets, you will just look classy and gorgeous
  • Stacking rings- If you are not too keen on wearing bracelets, then stacked rings, make your hands look less bare without any bracelet.
  • Long layering necklaces- This is going to elevate your look instantly. Layer your necklaces and look classy and beautiful
  • Pearl necklaces- A definite must-have of every woman. They are elegant, classy, stylish, and transcend time.
  • Simple studs- Wear these simple studs for that chic and effortless look. A look that makes you pretty, if you are not a make-up person
  • Cocktail ring- Just get the right size, put it and create that wonderful surprise effect. Sparkle and dazzle with this cocktail ring on your hand.

Those precious things

Jewellery is a representation of femininity as well as social standing. It is that which makes any women feel beautiful and confident. Whether it is necklaces, or bracelets, or earrings, or any other jewellery women have always loved wearing. Why jewellery is so sought after?  For they can highlight any women’s personality, bringing out the best features, also accentuating the look by wearing jewellery for the right occasion. It is quite important because it can make any women feel beautiful, pretty, stylish, and confident. For women, jewellery is the most superlative item, and hence one could not explain a woman’s love for her jewellery.

Beauty is skin deep

Yes, beauty is skin deep and you should look good with the jewellery. Adorning the neck, ears, hands, jewellery had been radiating this inner beauty. Young to middle-aged women remain in awe with varied collections of jewellery. Nowadays, women who go to work or college tend to beautify themselves with imitation jewellery. Smart, trendy, and the feeling of security is what is expressed through these imitation jewelleries. Women going out of the house on regular basis can opt for inexpensive ones, such as wood, ceramic, bamboo, and plastic, fashion water drop opal stone earrings. These series of jewellery are quite cheap, while going easier on the pocket.

Jewelleries are unisex

You can also consider gifting your husband/ fiancé/ or even friends with key chains, bracelets, gold chains, etc., such as vintage biker bracelet or vintage Cuban Men Bracelet.  Since these are of precious metals, showing your love by gifting this exquisite jewelleries can seal your bond with your loved one. So what are you waiting for, show some love to your husband or friend by gifting them some precious jewelleries, Viking vintage punk bracelets.


A woman is inseparable when it comes to buying jewellery

When it comes jewellery, women tend to own all of them. Working on it, the jewellers are crafting exquisite jewellers that are affordable and always are in fashion. Women of today, however, do not wait for anyone for gifting. They are bold enough to make their own choices. The best jewellery pieces or sets can bring out the best exquisite feature, thus improving the natural beauty, such as Unique Natural Map Stone Beaded Bracelet.

Always, always wear your personality, shopping for jewellery should reflect what you are. It should enhance your natural beauty and should complement your dress and looks.


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