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Wore that little red dress, but don’t you think you are missing something even with all the make-up. Just wearing an outfit does not complete you. What you need is to accessorise. A purse, a bracelet, or a watch and high-heeled shoes and you are ready to make the heads turn, either with jealousy or with admiration.

The choice you make allows you to convey a different personality and your way of styling yourself. Understanding the basic rules for accompaniments will help you to change your persona. Are you aware using accessories is an art? Just like an artist plan a picture, you too create a whole new look with different accessorise by wearing the same dress, creating the perfect harmony of style and being fashionable. Change the basic clothing with the right accompaniment and you had just changed the mood and image of yourself.

The less is better, the more makes it heaped up

Yes, you can drape yourself in any number of accessories. Now there are two types: one we wear and the other we carry around. So you wear a dress, shoes, scarves, bandanas, ties, watch, etc. Well, we carry sunglasses, bags, purses, umbrellas, etc. So it is never less when you want to accessorize yourself. Choose a few well-chosen embellishments, one at a time. Do not pile up, you will only end up looking like a pile of baggage.

Spiking up your wardrobe

How about making your wardrobe sexy and stylish. While styling up with ‘style-stuff’, remember you should dress upright that accentuates the things you carry. Don’t end up looking cluttered. Keep it simple when you are wearing pieces of jewellery, also know what kind of weather it is being outside. It is always classy to accessorize yourself with the outfit you wear that complements the weather outside. If you are planning to go casual or stylish or maybe styling up and down, better to dictate the tone with your choice of whatever you might add. Remember it should match up to your ‘dressiness’. Accompaniments can coordinate or maybe contrast to the dress but whatever it may be it always matches up with the dress. So to pipe your dress, a statement embellishment transforms it to classy and glamourous.

Keeping up to the level of dressiness

Just like you dress up according to the size of your body, accessories should be adorned that are proportionate to your body frame. It does not matter whether the dress you are wearing is expensive or cheap or plain or light or heavy. Embellishments can make it right with the right kind of setup. A small frame might look overwhelmed with too many accessories, so one should keep it to minimal or might look much bowed down with big adornments. So is the case with a woman with a large body. Too small of embellishment might be overshadowed by the body size.

Accessory compliments to clothing

When your deck is up, it is only fashionable that you start accessorizing. Adornments are supplementary to your outfit. They will help you to complete a garment and completes the look of yours. With any great outfit that accentuates your body, you will look marvellous. But remember with the correct embellishments you will just nail your outfit. Often an embellishment with a detailed outfit gives out a great style and aura. Whatever style you are planning to adorn with, your look will change just like your attire changes your look. With the right embellishment, you can divert the attention onto your body or away from your body. With a breast bra nipple cover or with breast lift tape, you can make your boobs perkier or maybe divert the attention away from them.

Giving a fashionable look to your old ones

Just like your dresses, accessories do change over time. The shapes, silhouettes as well as colours, everything changes. Sometimes you might find it hard to get cool new looks. However, with just an eye for minute things and a little bit of tweaking a trendy bag or a stylish necklace can be seen in old clothes that will turn into fashionable and new. Remember to be fashionable you don’t need to keep on ordering. Keep a keen eye on the fashion trends, invest in some old and fashionable embellishments, give a twist to your style and behold you just become fashionable without indulging in fashion. Accessories and clothes make up your outfit. So just wearing fashionable dresses is not enough your need to evoke a style statement with the embellishments.

Prepare yourself to be the centre of attraction

The importance of accessorising has emerged in recent times with many indulging in getting it right with their dress. Women have been realizing when a dress is embellished it oozes out personal style, as in the magic style hairstyling that just gives a new look to your persona, preferences, and taste. Such is the aura of these accompaniments that they offer unlimited opportunities for styling up to your dress, complimenting each item that you wear. As for your space in the wardrobe, as compared to clothes that take up lots of space in your wardrobe, accessorise can be kept in a box or just at the side of the clothing, for example stowing your pair of fashionable sunglasses in any corner of the wardrobe.

Mixing and matching up

Let’s say this, by itself a reversible satin bonnet or a 50 pcs/set hair clip may not create that effect. Only when accessorize it with a beautiful pair of dresses thus it create a classy and beautiful look. Just like your clothes the accompaniments that you carry about are as important. It offers a whole new opportunity that helps you to express yourselves. From head to toe, adorn with embellishments, you ooze out a whole new fluent style of class and confidence. They can add a different style too, when you try to mix and match with your wardrobe, thus adding a whole new look to yourself.

Let it do the talking

Accessories are your best bet, your accompaniment. It does not depend upon fashion change. Just with the minimal of embellishments you can create the fashion or alter it. When you adorn eye-catching adornments, it establishes a strong style statement. Want to create magic? Want to make the heads turn? Then let your accessories and not the clothes spin the magic. Because only the accompaniments can make any inexpensive attire seem expensive. Additionally, you can even the same attire, but just accessorize it differently and behold you are ready in no time.

All about accessories

It does create a new you. It does alter the fashion. It creates a whole new aura of yourself. You can wear the simplest clothes but then accessory can help your change from ‘plain Jane’ to modern you. Make your outfit look more glamourous by accessorizing it. It can be used as a way to complementing your look, with the outfits just enhancing your look. You can choose any accessorizes to adorn yourself. But while decking for any event or occasion uses the right kind of embellishments that go with the theme.

Choosing the right fashion accessories for yourself

Wearing accompaniments with your clothing may make you look stylish and modern, hence completing your outfit. Just don’t select any adornment, your accessory must reflect your identity and disposition. It comes in various types, hues, and shapes, such as vintage oval sunglasses, or cat-eye sunglasses. Ensure that you choose the ones that will make you look fashionable, interesting, and gorgeous.

Not to make mistakes while accessorising

Just like every fashion statement, there are dos and don’ts associated with accompaniments.

  • Always pick and select major embellishments for the season. This will help you to mix and match your attire.
  • Do not use the same colour in all the accessories. It kills the fashion statement.
  • Understanding your body is important and what goes well with it should be taken into consideration. Not everything that suits the other person will suit you.
  • Don’t heap on accessorize just because your wardrobe is full of it. Remember you are not to showcase your buys, you are trying to create a style statement. For example, a bright coloured scarf with a bright sweater is a fashion faux pax.

Start experimenting

You can never go wrong with earrings, bags, necklaces, bracelets, and also footwear. They just added a finishing touch to your outfit. However, if you are not sure how to match up the dress with your accessories, get yourself acquainted with fashion magazines or celebrity magazines. You will get innumerable ideas on how to go about with the accompaniments and how they look. Even a careful look into the advertisements as well as the store displays will give a fairly good idea about to style up. For example, while wearing a plain garment, accessorize it with care to add flair to it. Add various types of accompaniments to spruce up your plain wardrobe.


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