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What do you see first, when you enter anybody’s home, you look into the interior? The walls, the furniture, the décor. Yes, the décor is what attracts your attention. A beautiful décor home plays an important part that influences your mood, expresses how you live and feel. When you move into a house devoid of everything, it throws to you the challenges to work around it. The challenge is to liven up the blank space with your creative mind, keeping in mind your budget. Creating a beautiful and perfect abode you long to come home to. But you don’t need to decorate your house all at once. Take time, speculate, and then plan accordingly. You can do it at your own pace, the way you want, and one that suits your budget.

Reasons to décor your home

When you décor your house, it shows how much you have put attention to minute details, the care you have taken to give life to your space. When you take out time to personalize your house, it gives you a sense of ownership. Apart from personalising your space, you also need to give thought to how does your home reflect. With colours and lightning, your house will reflect welcoming while dull and plain décor it creates a dull and sombre mood.

The focal point in the house

If you are thinking about what it is about, let us give you some more hindsight. Finding the focal point is the prerequisite to decorating your home. Enter your house and concentrate where your eyes rove to. That is your main part of the house and all your décor should ideally complement it. Remember, your house décor should ideally complement the focal area where your eyes move towards it. Focal points are a good starting point while you start decorating your house. If you can’t find your focal point, then it can be your furniture, colours, or even artwork. Focal points though not centrally located but it helps you to create balance and anchors the décor of the house.

Easy on your wallet, but big on style

Leonardo Da Vinci The Last Supper Painting

Beautify your home without going over the budget. Loved something but only to discover that the cost is over your budget. Whether you are refreshing the décor of your home or reviving it, here are some ideas that might help you without spending much.

  • Before you add anything to your house, consider getting rid of few things that are dated or damaged, or worn out
  • Buy curtains that add freshness to your house. If you already have curtains, and they are still good, consider adding basic curtain panels on iron-on-trim
  • Add a slipcover to your old sofa and give it a new look
  • If the color is still good, but you still want to change the décor of the walls, you can try putting up posters or wallpapers. Give each room the characteristic of the person who uses it. From Retro Movie poster to Cartoon Anime Poster to Fight Club Brad Pitt Movie Poster
  • Give a new look to your kitchen cabinets by just using your creativity and painting on them. This gives a fresh look to your kitchen
  • One of those ideas which will not cost you a penny and which will instantly transform the look of your room. You will just need a few of your friends or family members to help you out. Reorganize your room by just rearranging your furniture. This will give a brand new feeling to the room.
  • Whoever said wallpapers or posters are only for walls, must not have used their creativity. They can be used for bookshelves. Vintage World War II for depicting history books on your shelves. While looking for books on travel stories got easier when you just to look into the travel poster
  • Don’t throw away the wine bottles after the party. Repurpose them into beautiful vases
  • An underrated part of your home is the bathroom. Put up a shower curtain to make a difference to the décor.
  • Instead of a tablecloth for the dinner table, get a table runner. They are comparatively cheaper, small, and adds an aesthetic touch to your dining area.

Your home reflects your personality

Your living space presents your fashion, lifestyle, and the way you reveal yourself to others. It is human nature to mold one’s home or for that matter yours surrounding according to one’s taste and persona. So when your friends walk into your room, it should feel that it exudes, breathes, and reflects your personality. This is one place where you tend to look for comfort and peace. Surround your rooms with things that tell a story about you, without you uttering a word. Create a space that is both luxurious and comfortable, something that accentuates your character. Modify your space to add elegance and style. Therefore, your house mirrors your personality. So that when your people walk into your house they pick up aspects of your personality in the décor of your house. The interior shows who you are and what is important to you.

Love the home you have

Do you know that your décor and your home are synchronised? They go hand in hand. To love your home you should know to create your own space and style. From the furniture to the choice of your walls to the way you select your furniture, everything that you deck up your home reflects the type of person you are. You style your home to create a vibe where you and your family will make memories. Decorating your home is an enjoyable experience if you feel your house is your abode. The décor is what makes your house a comfortable place to live in peace and happiness.

The elements that define your abode

As you décor, your home, a lot of money is spent on it. Not to talk about the expenses that you incur. Hence, you should consider various elements while decorating your house. These are those elements that every home requires. They are basic elements. Below are few elements that will help you highlight your décor, and also showing off your amazing way of styling your house, making them easy to incorporate into any style of home.

  • Lightning- It does make a huge difference in your home. Based on lightning you choose your paint colour. You can paint your house in a dark colour, if you have a light and bright home, while houses with less light can go for light colours. It can be used in different ways to give depth to all your rooms
  • Create a visual harmony- Choose colours that create the ambiance of the space. They are an important part of your home décor. When you choose cool and simple colours they produce a calm-feeling space. If you want to create a feeling of cosiness, then go for warm tones. If you love throwing parties, then indulge in bold patterns and textures making your space feel ready for entertaining. With colour you create the ambiance you want
  • Organic shape- Add shape to your room through the shapely chair, clocks, and bowls, vases, or cushions. Keep your furniture line up away from the walls
  • Woody and cosy- Want to give your room a warm and cosy atmosphere, add some wooden furniture
  • Flowers and plants- add life to your room by putting up a pot of plant near the window in any of your rooms. They add a bright and cheery atmosphere to the room.
  • A hint of black- Yes, not white but black. A little bit of black with rugs, lamps, walls, books, etc., can give a sense of being grounded.
  • A well-designed house is equivalent to ease in movement- Plan a good design house so that it helps in your movement through your home that is easy and convenient.
  • Decorating and accessorizing your home- Putting up wall posters as a part of your décor can add more style to your home, and it does not pinch your pocket. Create a romantic vibe with the Gone with the wind poster or for your little ones’ room you can put up Jurassic Park Posters, for the aesthetic feel you can choose to stick décor wall art.

How does it matter anyway?

Your home is your abode. The décor of your home influences everything and everyone who lives in this space. From your mood to your confidence to your productivity everything is impacted by the space that you call your home. So when you put up the Leonardo Da Vinci The Last Supper Painting you do feel the climactic moment and you know the Lord is with you. Decorate your house by adjusting and understanding the décor principles following your personal choices. So décor your home as it tells the tale of you and creates an abode where you unwind after a hectic day and be at your best.

 Leonardo Da Vinci Painting



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