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It is such a matter of delight when you come to know what you are expecting. With the news a whole new thing changes in your life, right from your lifestyle to even clothes. Yes, as soon as your baby grows inside you, there are innumerable things that you need to take into consideration. Being pregnant is a beautiful moment of life. However, it makes changes in your food habits, your lifestyle, and even your choice of clothes. Overall, for the next nine months, you can expect a whole lot of changes in your life that were never there. After a few months into pregnancy and you can observe that your old clothes are too tight for your bulging body. Hence, you need an entirely new set of wardrobes.

Not catering to the needs

A long, long time ago, maternity dresses means clothes that resembled almost tent-like. The general conception was that if you are pregnant you need huge clothes that will hide your pregnancy (though it was a weird conception because anyways your pregnancy is visible). There were not a lot of options or designers. You get to choose from those unflattering designs when your regular cloth would not fit. Women were expected to hide their pregnancies. Reasons? Unknown. But over time, it has changed.

In fact, some designers are creating a revolution in changing the fashion that you can carry during pregnancy. Pregnancy is no longer thought of as a boring phase of changes where you are happy to welcome your child, but feel bad about your sagging body. Almost a decade back, you could hardly find any clothes especially meant for pregnant women or new mothers. Designers were all into designing styles for that perfect hourglass figure. Only a handful of designers were into maternity wear. A body that is sans style. Not anymore.

Revamping your wardrobe

With online stores gaining popularity, designers are becoming bold and trying to reach out to the needs of varied customers. One of them is designing the wardrobe for the would-be-moms. Their approach is new and fresh, emphasizing comfort as well as style, without skipping the feel-good factor. Gone are the days when women used to hide their pregnancy with the loose style of clothing, thus maintaining a feminine silhouette? Also, the fashion industry was a little hesitant to design maternity dresses since it was considered indecent at that time. But over the years, with new styles and fashion being introduced women have started flaunting their baby bumps.

Reflective of one’s style and taste

Designers are offering varied styles that differ from person to person. So you are given the option to dress up according to your tastes, not because of any particular situations. Women have become more open about their pregnancy and this reflects in the dress they wear. In fact, being pregnant does not stop you from trying any outfit of your choice. So you still keep wearing those clothes that you usually wore when you were not pregnant. Women want to enjoy their pregnancy just they did before becoming expectant mothers. They enhance their look and are very particular about what they wear.

Once upon a time, maternity dresses depended on your status

Believe it or not, maternity dresses were there long, long time back. But it was worn by of affluent classes. The fabric being costly, women of lower social strata just altered the garment they owned. Still, there was not much choice.  The first maternity gown was created in 1904, while the first ready-to-wear maternity clothes were brought in 1911. But during those times, women were expected to conceal their pregnancies by wearing loose-fitting clothes. It was done so that pregnant women can continue to go outside and have fun with their friends. They wore loose clothing with belts around their stomach or even small print to camouflage their bulging stomach.

The colourful and bold 80s

It was not until the 1980s that women realised that they should indulge in showing off their style as well as their baby bump. However, credit should go to Princess Diana, who introduced a variety of styles to showcase her pregnancy through varied styles. From maternity dresses to even wearing evening ball gowns, Princess Diana just showed off that being pregnant does not make ugly but much more beautiful than before.

Either you are sexy or you are the mother

This was usually the belief of the people around. You are made beautiful only when you have the perfect body. During the period of pregnancy, you are not supposed to go out frequently or dress up enticingly. Hence, those loose clothing. With the passage of years, women became much bolder and started enjoying the period of pregnancy. They endorsed their baby bump and did not shy away from wearing stylish, sexy clothes.

Maternity looks became the risqué

Today any style could be adapted to maternity style. Women have not only become bolder in wearing whatever they want but also showing off their baby bump. For many comfy-sustainable attires have been a staple pick as pregnant women move towards being more conscious and compassionate while making their choices. Celebrity does influence our fashion choices too much extent. With many celebrities proudly flaunting their baby bump in cotton maxis or gym wear or well-tailored chic looks, these celebrities have defined the look of being pregnant and beautiful, and sexy. Buying the right lingerie underwear set can make you feel sexy. Such attractive attires have given inspiration to all the women around keeping the style quotient high.

Your need for maternity clothes

You must be wondering whether you need to go for maternity clothes, or whether it will increase your expenses. For some shopping for maternity clothes becomes essential. Though you can buy a pregnant car seat belt adjuster, a must-buy for those long and short trips that you might want to take during the pregnancy. Here are some tips that will help you get the best of styles without breaking your bank.

  • Wear clothes that give you comfort. It can be indulging in getting a new set of maternity clothing or finding something comfortable in your closet or that of your partner. Ultimately, remember, it comes down to your personal preference. Getting large-size XL 2XL maternity leggings does help you to feel relaxed.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes as much as you loved wearing them. You will not only feel restricted but also might lead to a host of other issues, such as reducing blood circulation or yeast infections.

Adjusting to the changes in your life

Apart from getting the right maternity clothes, you also need to be mentally prepared to welcome the changes in your body. Get these tips to come to terms with your being pregnant

  • Don’t let fear of your weight gain or your size keep you from enjoying this period. Remember you are growing a life inside you and that in itself is a miracle. Take this moment to celebrate you are being pregnant.
  • Too many times women instead of enjoying the moment lament how their bodies will change after delivery. The period changes you emotionally and physically. Embrace good thoughts, it will not only keep you happy but also your baby too. Focus on taking care of your pregnant baby
  • Most of the time, women compare their bodies with others. This can be very bad and hence no good comes out of it. It leads to various insecurities, and as a result, you feel dissatisfied with your body. So live in the moment and enjoy the period to the fullest.
  • Eat nutritious food, get yourself pampered at the salon, meet your friends (friends who make you feel good about yourself), attending yoga or aerobics class. Love and care for your body as well as the baby. This will give a sense of security and confidence.

Sticking up with pre-pregnancy style

Earlier, women wore maternity clothes only to hide their baby bump, not thinking about the fitting. However, these days, women are conscious about how they look and how perfectly their garments are fitted. Design, fitting, and fashion awareness are increasing among pregnant mothers. You have maternity pants, or a maternity dress for the stylish you. Modern pregnant women are even conscious of the materials they are wearing, apart from the designs, Fabrics like elastane and spandex are used by designers to provide comfort to the mothers. Since these maternity clothes are worn even after delivery, these types of products interest women.

Another reason for the rise of maternity clothes is that most women are working these days and hence the need for fashionable and comfortable maternity wear.  The penetration of online shopping, simple payment methods, easily deliverable options, and discounted prices made maternity wear easily accessible to women over the globe. There is a high need for formal as well as casual wear maternity clothes that make this outfit segment more on the rise. You have even maternity bras, maternity nursing bras, that are stylish, fun, and even fashionable, all that does pinches your budget. So relax and get indulgent in being creative and fashionable.


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