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Phone Glass Screen Protector

Strange but true; study shows that people truly love their iPhones in a deep and abiding way they normally associate with dear ones, lovers and spouses. For those who love their iPhones, ensuring its safety holds paramount importance. Protecting it with the best glass screen protector for iPhone is quintessential for the long life and effective use of your favourite device. Plastic screen protectors are good that keep your phone out of sticky fingertips, scratches, dirt and the like. However, when we need some robust protection to safeguarding the iPhone screen against any accidental cracks and breakage, the regular plastic covering simply wouldn’t make the cut. You need a much tougher guardian – one that is sturdy to protect your device’s screen against all kinds of physical damage and cracks. This protector is ‘Tempered Glass’.

Screen Protection Be Like

Screen protection is more or less like eye protection. When riding a bike or participating in any sport that exposes your eyes to wind conditions, you wear a pair of goggles or glasses. The eye protection helps you avoid getting dust or debris into your eyes and causing irritation. Glass screen protector for the iPhone is designed to do the same thing.

iPhone screen protectors are made to provide a clear, but scratch resistant layer. This doesn’t disrupt with the regular interaction but your phone remains safe from prying eyes, or protecting the camera lenses as well. Dust, moisture and sharp objects are kept away from the glass screen.

What do you think your iPhone is likely to get scratched? Well, it might be the keys in your bag that gets rubbed up against your iPhone and you could end up at several hundred dollars’ worth of damage. offers an extensive range of glass screen protector for iPhone that are considered to be some of the best in the market.

Tempered Glass Protector

As per the best glass screen protector for iPhone review, tempered glass is some of the best protection you can get for your device. It is like a second skin to your phone and doesn’t diminish the feeling of actually using your phone. However, like all glass, it is most likely to break with major impacts. That means if you are callous, you’re likely going to replace your screen protector. That’s what makes tempered glass screen protector so enticing. Not only does it offer protection that tempered glass usually does, but it comes with extra protectors in the box.

Tempered Glass vs Regular Plastic Screen Guards


Tempered glasses are sturdier in compared to their plastic counterparts. You may find the plastic screen protectors cheaper but they are highly vulnerable to getting unclear and scratched unlike tempered glass. Usually the thickness of tempered glass for an iPhone is around 0.5 mm while the plastic screen protectors are nearly 0.1mm – the former being the perfect protector for your phone.

Convenient Touch

The best quality tempered glass make you feel like the original glass. It allows your fingers to slide conveniently on the screen, giving you the feel of originality and a convenient handling experience. On the other hand, plastic screen guards are slightly rough, and the friction increases as the covering goes through regular usage and rough handling. Cloudy patches on plastic guards make it look untidy, especially in places where the screen is most frequently touched.

Installation Process

People who have already used the plastic screen protector will know how cumbersome it is to install and maintain. Removing air bubbles is just a hassle that get on your nerves! Phew! Glass screen protectors are here that come in full-adhesive or bezel-adhesive varieties and are pretty convenient to install.


Depending on the quality and variant of iPhone that you own, you don’t need to burn a hole on your pocket for screen protectors, whereas the plastic screen protectors are cheaper. This higher price of the iPhone glass protector is because of the quality of the tempered glass, brand, material and technologies used in the making.

When you are protective to your iPhone and an ardent lover of Apple, don’t let scratches spoil the look of your device. Knowing what to buy and from where help you source the best screen protector for your iPhone without breaking the bank.

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